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Melissa Raquel

Jazz Vocalist/Band Leader/Songwriter

Melissa Raquel started her music career at the age of 16. Music runs through her veins. You can hear her passion as she takes you on a journey in time with her smoky velvet pipes. Everything she does is with her whole can see it and feel it. 
Listen below for a taste of what Melissa Covers, when you book her.
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Music Tells A Story

Melissa Raquel is a Jazz Vocalist and the Band Leader of Honeybee Jazz & Entertainment.

Melissa in Greek means Honeybee, and she has always loved this. When it came time to come up with a name, it was super easy, plus she loves HONEY and believes that Honeybees have a very important job on this earth. 

Music runs in her veins. Music chose Her, she didn't have a choice and would not have it any other way! She thanks God for blessing her with the gift of Music. She has been singing since she could walk and stand on coffee tables, using her fist as a microphone.
She started her professional career at the age of 16, performing many genres of music and always playing with the top players from all around the world. Some of her singing Highlights have been with Willie Nelson, Steve Tyrell, Leann Rimes, Dana Rogers from the Army Jazz Ambassadors and singing with an 18 piece Big band for 4 years. Music is in her blood and the relationships she forms because of it, are forever in her heart. Whether she is performing in a Duo, Trio, Quartet or Band with Honeybee Jazz Music she always features the top players. You will never be disappointed by the masterful players who play as if their instrument is an extension of their own anatomy! Melissa Raquel loves nothing more than listening to amazing players do their thing and being able to share the stage, while making music together. With her silky smooth vocals, you will be taken on a journey in time from Ella Fitzgerald all the way to Norah Jones and Sting. Her goal is for you to feel it in the depths of your heart.

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Melissa Raquel


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