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"Melissa Raquel warms the hearts of many with her velvet, smoky tone. Her singing embodies both the blues and folk traditions of Texas along with stylings reminiscent of jazz vocal greats, generations before her." ~ Andre Hayward, (Trombonist)

"She has exceptional pitch, clarity and feel...she is a singer who is not afraid to express her truest and deepest emotions in song while still maintaining her individuality." ~ Bill Solley (Guitarist)

"Melissa Raquel's voice is jubilant in its highs, soulful in its lows, and mellifluous at its core." 

~ Ari Carvajal (Guitarist)


"Melissa truly melts into her music. She seems to be transformed into the era she's embodying. Her inner light is fully spread over her audience  and it beams through in her smile and lyrics. Whether the song she is singing is old or new she makes them her own by putting her soul into them. Just beautiful to listen too."~ Fan


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