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This Weeks Highlighted Venue, a Favorite of Honeybee's...

Shore Raw Bar

Meet Rick Wahlberg, Owner of Shore Raw Bar & Grill.

8665 SH 71 Suite 100 Austin, Tx 78735

Shore Raw Bar & Grill celebrates regional coastal cuisine with an emphasis on fresh and sustainable seafood. A great celebration of cuisine blending Texas, Louisiana and Mexico. Cold Margaritas, Beer and tasty Cocktails.

I met Rick in December of 2020. A musician friend of mine spoke highly of the venue and suggested I check it out. After meeting Rick and chatting for a while, I knew this would be a wonderful venue to share my music, due to the fact that Rick prides himself in an atmosphere that has an attentive friendly staff, incredible food, unique cocktails and a love for music.

Rick is a lover of Live music and features different genres of music at his restaurant 6 to 7 days a week. I have watched Rick with his staff as he celebrates them at the end of the night for a fantastic successful evening and how he cares about the details in food, service as well as the experience that each of his guest has as they dine. When you visit, you will more than likely meet Rick as he walks around and visits with the guests.

I am grateful to Rick for the opportunity to entertain every Thursday night to provide a NITE of JAZZ for the guests with two of my favorite Honeybees...Chris Jones on Upright Bass and Art Carvajal on Guitar. You may also catch me occasionally on a Fridays or Saturdays throughout the month featuring different musicians. From Horns, Guitarist, Keys and will experience world class musicians by my side.

So, if you have yet to make it out to Shore Raw Bar & Grill...put it on your list!

We hope you come on Thursday Nite Jazz, so we can see your face!

You will have a wonderful evening...Incredible Food and Music!


Melissa Raquel

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